Accountants and auditors prepare, analyze, and verify financial reports, and then furnish this and similar information to the chief financial officer and other managers in the organization.

They also verify the accuracy of their firm’s financial records and check for waste. Accountants/auditors typically work in the home office of a construction firm, and rarely visit the field office(s).
The chief accountant position assists the chief financial officer in handling the day-to-day operations of the accounting department. He/she is responsible for the detail work and supervision of the accounting personnel. He/she is usually responsible for compiling the information required for cash planning, monthly financial reports including budget and operating comparisons, general ledger accounts, and the financial statements.

Education and Training

Most construction firms require applicants for accountant and internal auditor positions to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related field such as business administration. Applicants should be familiar with computers and accounting software.

Advancement Potential

With additional training, education, and experience, accountants and auditors may be promoted to top management positions, such as chief financial officer.