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Right here in Connecticut there is a commitment to bringing our state infrastructure into the twenty-first century …and skilled workers are NEEDED!

Working in the Construction Industry you can, earn a competitive living with benefits, be in a variety of environments, develop professional relationships, grow at your own pace, learn new skills, and help build your city, state, and nation!

Each year, the United States adds more than $600 billion worth of new construction projects such as new hospitals, schools, highways and bridges, office buildings and stores.

Building construction is a major contributor to employment and economic activity, in addition to producing structures that add to productivity and quality of life.

Utility Construction is evolving and improving and includes water and wastewater facilities and pipelines, energy generation and transmission, telecommunications infrastructure and also contractors engaged in other underground utility work as well as specialty work such as excavation, tunneling, boring and site preparation.

Transportation infrastructure plays a critical part in supporting the nation’s economy and the construction industry plays a key role in building, maintaining, and improving the systems.

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