Licensed Engineer


Nature of Work

Engineers in construction are involved in planning, design, construction, operation, and management of engineering and engineering-construction projects. They are problem solvers, and must be concerned with both the detail and general applications and problems of their work in relation to the overall construction project. Engineers in construction may specialize in several engineering fields such as architectural, civil (including structural engineering), electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineering.

Education and Training

Construction-oriented positions in modern engineering range from those requiring a bachelor’s degree to those requiring a master’s degree. University entrance requirements are generally those which a high school college preparatory program provides. Interested individuals should contact the admissions office at their selected college for specific details. Seek a school accredited for the specific type of engineering program desired. Good SAT or ACT scores are important, as well as good grades in junior high school and senior high school.

Aptitude and Interest

Students with an aptitude for engineering are probably earning above average grades in mathematics and science. Above all, they should enjoy these subjects, and like to study and to achieve. Engineering students should have common sense, patience, and a strong sense of curiosity.

Advancement Potential

There is a place for engineers of many kinds of interests and abilities within the construction industry. Many engineering graduates begin as assistants to supervisors, office managers, or company executives. All have the potential to move into top management positions. Many construction firm owners began their careers as design engineers.