Structural Iron Workers erect the steel framework for large industrial, commercial, or residential buildings, bridges, and metal tanks.

They erect, bolt or weld the fabricated structural metal members that support the structure during and after construction. Iron Workers also install the metal decking for the floors and roof systems.

Some iron workers, called rodmen, set steel bars (rebar) or steel mesh in forms to strengthen concrete buildings, bridges, and highways.

Other iron workers, called Miscellaneous & Ornamental Iron Workers, install and assemble grills, canopies, stairways, iron ladders, decorative iron railings, posts, and gates.

Working Conditions
Iron workers work in crews, usually outdoors. Work continues in every season but is dependent upon suitable weather conditions. They frequently work in high places. There is considerable climbing, walking, and sitting.  Industry safety regulations have greatly enhanced personal safety for this work and the Ironworker is typically fastened to safety lines to protect against a fall hazard while working at height.

Aptitude and Interest
Iron workers must receive satisfaction from working with their hands. They must be able to work to rigid standards and fine measurements. They must have an acute awareness of dangers to both themselves and their co-workers. Also, ironworkers cannot be intimidated by working at height.

Hourly: $42.37

Benefits: $40.02 +a **

To become a skilled Iron Worker training is essential.

  • company on-the-job training programs;
  • trade or vocational/technical schools;
  • unilaterally (management or labor) sponsored trainee programs;
  • through registered, labor-management apprenticeship programs;
  • or a combination of the above.

It is generally accepted that the more formalized training programs give more comprehensive skill training.

Recommended high school courses include English, general math, basic algebra, geometry, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading and welding.

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**Wage and compensation information based on CT Department of Labor data reported as of July 1, 2023.
NOTE: Apprentices are paid on a graduated scale as their skill and experience increases.